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Valencia’s Marathon – the perfect place for runners!

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Valencia’s Marathon– the perfect place for runners!

Why is Valencia’s Marathon so popular? Great running conditions, picturesque surroundings, the feeling of solidarity with other runners, lead running events – those all factors and many more make Valencia perfect place for runners of all levels – those who like jogging at a gentle pace, those who feel more advanced and running is their sporting routine and the ones for whom running is a way of life.  Valencia has come to self-identify as the ¨City of Running¨. Let´s look together at some of the reasons!

Mild Mediterranean climate, Parks, and Beaches – enjoy beautiful nature!

Valencia is beautifully situated on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and by the Turia River bed. It has a mild Mediterranean climate and in summer, when the temperatures are higher, runners are cooled down by the sea breeze and its multiple parks offer a shade of the trees. One of the most famous is Turia Gardens with its 5, 731 km runner circuit, which offers a special pad surface to step on more softly and protect your joints while running, is the biggest approved urban space with these features in Europe. It is surrounded by marvelous green spaces, water ponds, historical bridges and has distance signs and the lights set up so it is possible to run in the night.


This place is indeed a great motivation to start this hobby or to prepare for organized running events. One of the biggest is Valencia’s Marathon!

Apart from the river bed, Valencia offers other attractive places for running such as picturesque Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Maritime Boulevard along the seaport, extensive, located by an enormous artificial lake Cabecera Park, or historical Jardines de Real which is well connected with Turia Gardens. Solitary runners can have a nice long run along the El Saler beach close-by Valencia or the northern beaches.

Running culture in Valencia – you never run alone!

Running is one of the current commitments of the city. It is not only a hobby, it is a perfect way of socializing. Valencia has become to be the city of international reference in this sport and attracts both national and foreign enthusiasts. 


All over the city, in the park, on the street, at the beach, you can come across either running groups or solitary runners motivating each other with big smiles. In Valencia, there are many running teams that you can join without any special requirements, e.g. Runners Ciutat de València, Redolat Team, C. D. Never Stop Running, S. D or Correcaminos. You can train with them for a certain race and with the very inspirational ¨you can do it¨ attitude, you will definitely achieve your goal. One for all, all for one!

Lead Running Events –run your personal best in Valencia! 

The city focuses most of its efforts on running as a star discipline and great work is done to lead running events which are partnered with Valencia Ciudad del Running and Urban Running Valencia to find the top running destinations in the region and supported by some organizations which include Valencia City Hall and Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. In Valencia, you will find a whole calendar of races that you can join – from short popular runs of 5-7km, through 10km races, to long

distance runs. Great Runs include the Valencia Marathon which this year will be run on the 2nd of December and the Valencia Half Marathon with the date set up for the 24th of October.

The Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso

Valencia´s Marathon, held every year since 1981, attracts thousands of professional and amateur athletes (about 19,000 participants in 2017), is one of the most international races in Europe with almost 30% of foreigners participating. This year, it has been ranked as Spain’s best 42-kilometer trial by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), which among other criteria, takes into account the quality of the organization and facilities for runners. The starting and finishing gates of the marathon are both uniquely located in the spectacular surroundings of the City of Arts and Sciences where the last meters pass over the footbridge next to the Umbracle (beautiful gardened esplanade) and the Prince Philip Museum. What makes the marathon peculiar, is an amazing atmosphere that is mostly created by more than 200,000 people who come out to the street to cheer on runners. 200 cheering points will surely make you fly to the finish line! Good news for the ones still wishing to be a protagonist of this exceptional event but prefer to run shorter distances – the Marathon will be accompanied by the smaller 10km race!


The Half Marathon Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP

The Half Marathon, with 12,281 runners who crossed the finishing line last year, can boost to be the best half marathon in Spain according to RFEA and with its quality being endorsed by IAAF Gold Label for the first time in Spain. Since Valencia is almost completely flat, it has the fastest circuits in Spain. Last year, Joyciline Jepkosgei, with her 1:04:05 set a new women’s world record for 21,097.5 meters. The half marathon running course starts and finishes next to Valencia Marina with the view of the Mediterranean Sea and runs through the main streets of the city so runners can admire its spectacular historical landmarks.

The San Silvestre run – Carrera San Silvestre Popular de Valencia

At the end of the year, the traditional San Silvestre is organized, where participants use to dress up to actively celebrate New Year. Lots of fun for the runners of all levels, and the great way to say goodbye to the old year looking forward to new, exceptional running experience that the City of Running will bring in the coming year!

Planning to come to Valencia to enjoy its spectacular surroundings and running conditions or take part in any of the running events and you are not sure how to start to organize your stay here and make it pretty amazing?

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